Evolution of the Pipette – The future

Future of Pipettes
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This is our final article in our series ‘Evolution of the Pipette‘ and we’ll cover the future of this once simple, now highly sophisticated technology. We’ll look at some of the growth trends as well as look at some of the more recent introductions to the evolution of the pipette.

Evolution of the Pipette – Week 6

Future of PipettesWith ergonomics, precision and safety becoming the buzzwords in the pipettor market, electronic pipettors are poised to overshadow gains in the mechanical pipettor market.

The worldwide pipette market is expected to grow by 48.27 thousand units between 2008 and 2012. This growth is driven by novel designs, a rise in PCR diagnostic tests and the involvement of ultra-micro volumes in laboratories. Innovation will continue from companies such as Thermo Fisher Matrix Technologies, which has recently introduced novel ways of adjusting dispensed volume in the pipette, including scrolling presets and voice recognition technology.

Despite being an everyday laboratory commodity, pipettes have a history and anticipated future of responding to the demands of the scientific marketplace with groundbreaking innovations.

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